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How to choose the best fabric for roman blinds and shades?

Blinds and shades are popular window treatment that set the style and functionality of the room. They can be statement making pieces or serve as filtering light. Their folds can create a traditional elegance, it all depends on the fabric you use.

Many Orlando homeowners choose the fabric based on how beautiful it looks when it is rolled up. There is nothing wrong in it, but it is important that you also consider the effects and functionality. 

Some tips for choosing the fabric for your roman blinds and shades 

Fabric Weight – Fabric weight affects the functionality directly. Fabrics like silk and heavy cotton filters the light entering your room and provide privacy. They don’t crease and give a clean look. Fabrics like muslin are medium weight and offer enhanced privacy, they also offer excellent protection against sun damage. Heavy weight fabrics offer excellent light blocking but they can become expensive.

Fabric Design 

When you want your window coverings to add a fun element, choose a pattern. Small prints and horizontal stripes grab attention when the shades are closed but they may not look great when it is pulled up. Vertical stripes and large prints retain their beauty even when the shades are open or closed. 

Fabric Type offer many options in fabric to choose – organic cotton, hemp, linen and bamboo. You can choose depending on the room you want them to install.  If you’re confused, our experts will help you. Visit our showroom to see our products and learn about them. Schedule a free in-home c