AluCore Poly Shutter

One of the most popular window coverings among Orlando homeowners are the AluCore Poly Shutter . A beautiful addition to your space, Poly Shutters Orlando is worth investing in. when compared to other window coverings, Poly Shutter offer around 70% more efficiency that wood shutters and around 1600% more efficiency than aluminum shutters.

Available in frame options – L frame, Z frame, craftsman frame and decorative frame, you cn also choose from different louver sizes. Slat size start from 2.5”, 3.5” and 4.5” depending upon your requirement. A wider slat size means less trouble cleaning and you enjoy unobstructed outside view. Poly Shutter Orlando are also fit for windows with different shapes – octagon, hexagon, French doors etc.

What makes Poly Shutter so popular?

They are crafted from solid engineered wood substitute, so they do not chirp or crack when exposed to sun for long. They will even not warp or split, thanks to the UV stabilizers that are used in the paint finish. All these makes Poly Shutter Orlando quite durable and sturdy.

Then they also keep the harmful UV sun rays from damaging your valuable possessions like furniture and furnishing and also keep your rooms cool by allowing for 45% less heat transfer. So, your energy bills do not soar high.

Poly Shutter are all US built and assembled and so quality is unquestionable and you can visit our store anytime to have a look at the extensive window covering collection. The color options that we offer our customers in Poly Shutter Orlando are – White, off white and bright white. The finishes you can choose from are – smooth and grain.

So, what are you waiting for? Call us today for a quick quote and gift your home the treatment it has been awaiting by adorning them with the very stylish window coverings

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