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Can I Pair Plantation Shutters with Curtains?

Plantation shutters are a complete window treatment alone. You can tilt the louvers up and down to control light and privacy. However, many homeowners appreciate curtains for their patterns and style versatility. If you’d also like to add curtains to your windows, you can go ahead. Long curtains and plantation shutters make for a dramatic style statement. Café shutters for e. g. look great when paired with fabric curtains.

Choosing Curtains for Plantation Shutters

When you decide to pair curtains with plantation shutters, there are some points that you need to ponder. Cleaning would take extra time for curtains and it will be costlier too. Plantation shutters should be cleaned gently with a soft damp cloth while for curtains vacuuming them regularly and dry cleaning occasionally is the way to clean them.

Plantation shutters look good with any décor, you need to consider the colors and patterns of the curtains, and they should match the décor.

How to hang curtains over shutters?

You can use your imagination and creativity when pairing shutters and curtains. We share some tried and tested ways so that they look pretty good.

  • Panel curtains – with hanging panels you can change the curtains when you want. Push the curtains away when you want to open the shutters. Sheer curtains would give you a diffusing light effect allowing sunlight to come in but pretty soft and light.
  • Mounting curtains above the window – when you have bigger windows you can install the mechanism over the windows upwards and outwards. It adds visual height to the room.
  • Colors – The reason why homeowners love curtains is the variety of colors, gives you plenty of room for experiment. You can contrast it with the color of the shutter. That will add depth to the décor. Plain curtains with bold prints and patterns can add depth to the room.
  • Tie Backs –  When you want to add that regal to the room, consider adding tiebacks to give a tailored and neat look to the room. It’s a classic trick that brings windows to the focus and makes the place alive.

Why you should add curtains over the shutters?

Curtains and shutters combine well and offer the homeowners many flexible options in terms of style and functionality. You can achieve greater light control with opacity ranging from sheer to blackout.

It’s not just pairing curtains with shutters, but you can add a new dimension to your décor and can enhance the beauty of your windows.

Are Vertical Blinds Out of Style?

What is trending in the blinds? Are vertical blinds out of fashion? Is it an intelligent idea to spend money on vertical blinds? These questions might be popping in your mind as you can see them everywhere – offices, homes, hotels. Let us navigate through the latest trends what do they have in store for the vertical blinds.

They were indeed at their peak during the 80s and 90s era; still, they continue to dominate because they are so versatile.

  • Light control – the wider slat size gives you greater control over the light coming in through the windows and glass doors.
  • Large spaces – vertical blinds are perfect for covering sliding patio doors and big expansive windows.
  • Affordable – They offer great value for money both for homeowners and commercial spaces.
  • Replacement and repairs – Individual slats can be replaced without the need to replace the entire blind. You can fix it on your own too.

Are vertical blinds okay for every window nowadays?

Vertical blinds as we discussed already are there for a long time. In those days when vertical blinds were a rage, they were considered good for every window. Now, there is a slight shift as there are many options available for other spaces. That said, the vertical blinds still rule when it comes to sliding patio doors, bay windows, and large windows. They are even considered a good match for the bathroom (if you choose a moisture-resistant material) and conservatories.

What are the other options?

If you’re still looking beyond the vertical blinds, here are some options you can choose from:

Solar Shades: Solar shades as the name goes, offer excellent protection against harmful sun rays. You can customize them to fit in your space.

Cellular Shades – Cellular shades are the best energy-efficient window treatment available today. You can use them for sliding doors or any window. They help you keep the temperature in control and also offer privacy.

Sliding panels – Panels on a sliding track, this option is also very much popular these days. You can play with patterns and colors and create a modern look.

Combinations – You can pair them with other window coverings and take the functionality and style of the room to the next level.

So, again we ask the same question – are vertical blinds still in style? If you consider use and popularity, they are very much in style. However, we advise you to choose a window covering that is based on your requirements.

Buyer’s Guide: Plantation Shutters

Shutters have been around for many years. Earlier, they were used for protecting the glass windows from animals, intruders, and natural elements. Shutters were born out of necessity; they are even more functional and stylish today.

If you are trying to pick shutters for your home, it is easy to get confused. Every style has its own benefits and look. You need to look for some features and aspects before making a choice.

Function and location

While shutters can be great to offer privacy and light, they can also accentuate the look of the room. Interior shutters are very popular, they are placed on the inside of the window and you can block the light coming in by lowering the louvers.

If you are looking for shutters for decorative purpose, exterior shutters can be a good choice. But they are difficult to clean and manage.

Shutter Material

The most popular shutter material is wood. Wood shutters give a classic look to homes, however, they are expensive. They also demand more upkeep than other materials. Wood shutters come in variety of woods – cedar, maple, basswood, bamboo etc.

You can also look for aluminum shutters, they will require occasional cleaning unlike the wood shutters. The metal is durable and doesn’t chip or fade off under the sun. However, they hold a lot of heat, and can increase your room temperature. Check here https:/ They are not a good choice for Florida homes.

Vinyl shutters provide a balance of durability and style. They do not chip or scratch and also not heat up. They won’t require regular maintenance also.

Shutter Style

Shutters look good in every home, however, matching them with the look of your home décor will improve the look greatly.

If you have a colonial style home, look for solid or paneled shutters. These shutters are made from one piece of wood and have inlays to allow for air and light to pass through.

For Southern style home, you can pick plantation shutters in real wood. These shutters have wide louvers that move up and down and you can control the light. They are inside mounted and great choice for people who want to keep their homes cool. A perfect choice for Orlando homeowners!

Now that you know all about the shutters, you can begin browsing online for your shutters or visit showrooms.

Here are the best blinds and shades to choose for your home office

Work from home – this culture is gaining popularity and many offices such as Fully-Verified now allow employees to work from the comforts of their homes. This arrangement is beneficial for both parties. Employees reduce their commute time to work while employers can save on the resources. But when you decide to work from home, the place needs to be designed in a way that creates an environment where you feel productive. 

Blinds Shutters shares some tips and tricks that can help you design your home office and make it conducive and productive. It must be comfortably designed to create a perfect ambience as you are going to spend almost 8 hours of your day in that room.

Honeycomb Shades for Temperature control

Temperature affects employee productivity. Honeycomb shades can keep the temperature under control as they reduce the heat transfer. They have pockets that trap the heat and so you feel comfortable. They also help you keep your energy bills down. Experts at Orlando Blinds Shutters believe that honeycomb or cellular shades are the most versatile window treatments of today. 

Visually appealing Home office

 We all love to work in offices that are tastefully done and are visually appealing. Your home office should reflect your personality. Real wood blinds can make the room look warm and inviting, check out At Orlando Blinds Shutters, the woods are harvested from responsibly managed forests. 

Natural light improves productivity

There have been many reports published on how workplaces with natural light exposure add to the employee productivity. You can discover some of the most trusted kitchen appliances here. In order to achieve the same effect, you need to make sure that the room is properly lit and receives ample natural light. 

Solar shades can reduce the sun glare without blocking the natural light. They are made from PVC material that comes in many degrees of openness. Check out with our experts. Solar shades are perfect for daytime that allow the natural light in but keep the harsh sun rays out.

How to choose the best fabric for roman blinds and shades?

Blinds and shades are popular window treatment that set the style and functionality of the room. They can be statement making pieces or serve as filtering light. Their folds can create a traditional elegance, it all depends on the fabric you use.

Many Orlando homeowners choose the fabric based on how beautiful it looks when it is rolled up. There is nothing wrong in it, but it is important that you also consider the effects and functionality. 

Some tips for choosing the fabric for your roman blinds and shades 

Fabric Weight – Fabric weight affects the functionality directly. Fabrics like silk and heavy cotton filters the light entering your room and provide privacy. They don’t crease and give a clean look. Fabrics like muslin are medium weight and offer enhanced privacy, they also offer excellent protection against sun damage. Heavy weight fabrics offer excellent light blocking but they can become expensive.

Fabric Design 

When you want your window coverings to add a fun element, choose a pattern. Small prints and horizontal stripes grab attention when the shades are closed but they may not look great when it is pulled up. Vertical stripes and large prints retain their beauty even when the shades are open or closed. 

Fabric Type offer many options in fabric to choose – organic cotton, hemp, linen and bamboo. You can choose depending on the room you want them to install.  If you’re confused, our experts will help you. Visit our showroom to see our products and learn about them. Schedule a free in-home c

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