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Best Window Coverings if you live in Humid areas

When choosing window treatment for homes, the biggest mistake most of the homeowners do is pick one type for the entire house. When every room serves a different purpose, how can their windows be covered with same window covering.

Humid areas like bathroom, laundry, sun room or kitchen require window treatment that offers optimum privacy, light control and are durable and moisture resistant.

Window coverings for Kitchen


Blinds made from materials like PVC, aluminum or faux wood are right pick for the kitchen. You can even pick from horizontal or vertical blinds depending on the size of the window.


Window shades for the kitchen can be picked from light filtering or room darkening material. They are easy to clean and maintain and are available in styles like solar shades, roller shades, roman shades, cellular shades etc. You can raise or lower them to adjust light and privacy in the kitchen.

Window coverings for Bathroom

Windows are a great way to enjoy outside view and sunlight. However, they also allow the neighbors and passerby to peep through in and invade in your privacy. Bathroom need more privacy than the kitchens.

The window coverings that we discussed for the kitchen will be effective in the bathroom also. When drawn curtains, blinds, shades and shutter will offer complete privacy and peace of mind.

If you have a window that is in the shower, you can opt for window film that will allow the light to come in still while maintaining the privacy. Window film is a waterproof covering that blocks light not only during the day but night also.

Composite Shutters

This window treatment is made from waterproof material and ensures the light to pass through when tilt down. Wood shutters are not recommended as the area is highly moisture -dense and can damage the material.

Vinyl Blinds

They are another waterproof window covering which are not vulnerable to rotting unlike wood blinds. They are an ideal window covering for your bathroom and shower windows. Unlike metal, they are not susceptible to rusting, so they are a great addition.

If you are looking for high quality window coverings that fits in your budget and taste, call Gator shutters today! We have a wide variety of window treatment for every window – shape and size, from humid and moisture- dense areas of your home to the most important room, we’ve got you covered.