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Are cellular shades really effective in saving energy bills?

Every homeowner dreads high energy bills, so installing energy-efficient window treatments will be an intelligent decision. Are cellular shades energy efficient? Let us try to know from the below post.

Let us first try to understand what a cellular shade is.

Cellular shades are fabric shades that help you maintain privacy and also keep harsh sunlight at bay. They are also called honeycomb shades as the cell construction resembles a honeycomb. It is a pleated construction that folds up neatly on itself when opened.

How do cellular shades save energy?

The answer lies in the fabric cells. These cells trap the air in that cone through the window preventing it from altering the room’s temperature. In summers, this will help keep the room cool and winters cozy and warm.

What about other energy-efficient window treatments?

Cellular shades are an excellent insulator that saves you substantial energy bills compared to other window treatments. We have blackout roller shades that also insulate the windows and block harmful UV rays. But since they hang on the windows, there is a gap between them and the window frame, letting the air slip through easily. If strong winds blow, they will sway easily.

Plantation shutters are also an energy-efficient alternative. They are fitted in the window frame, leaving no gap. They are made in real wood or faux wood per the budget and are sturdier than the fabric. The louvers come in different widths allowing for adjusting the levels of privacy as per requirement. In case of any repair or damage, individual louvers can be replaced, saving you from replacing the entire window covering.

These are some of the very popular and functional energy-efficient window coverings. However, if you still have doubts, seek professional help and get the best coverage for your window on the best budget.