Orlando Shutter Company & Window Treatment Specialist

For the best in window coverings for your home, you need a team of expert Orlando shutter company specialists. By working with our crew here at Gator Blinds this is exactly what you will be getting. Let us show you all of the options that you have available while we meet with you at our showroom or during your free in-home consultation.


Orlando Shutters

We are the premier resource for name brand shutters at deeply discounted prices. Truth is, we beat out the big box store competition by as much as 20-35%. Let us show you the options that you have available and help you make the best choice for your house.

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Aluminum Shutters

Orlando Aluminum Shutters

At Gator Blinds, our Orlando shutter company is proud to provide the highest quality window treatments and installation services to the local community. Our professionals carry a wide array of amazingly beautiful and versatile aluminum shutters. With our help, you can improve the look and feel of your home from every vantage point.

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Poly Shutters

Orlando Poly Shutters

Of course, you may also be interested in considering one of the most popular alternatives – Poly shutters. This is for the best in durability, low cost window coverings that are also simple to take care of. We can’t wait to have the chance to show you firsthand how alluring these shutters can be.

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Wood Blinds

Orlando Wood Blinds

If you feel that only the real thing will do, then wood blinds might be perfect for you. This is a great option for a natural look that also manages to be rich and stunning. Get in touch with us right away so we can show you the options that you have and help you make the right choice for your home, and your budget.

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Faux Wood Blinds

Orlando Faux Wood Blinds

So what if you could get just about the same attractive look but with a smaller price tag? Then this means faux wood might be right for you. Not to mention, this is also perfect for an option that requires less care. Stop by our showroom or let us set up your free in-home consultation so you can weigh your options.

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Orlando Shades

For some rooms, or homes in general, shades are the smart way to go. You have a variety of exciting options, all that will provide you with an amazing final look. Don’t worry, we will even provide you with free temporary shades while you wait the two weeks it takes for your custom shades.

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Woven Wood Shades

Orlando Woven Wood Shades

Want soft diffused light but still want to be able to retain your privacy? Then woven wood shades might be ideal for you. Attractive, natural and the right amount of light and privacy make these a perfect choice.

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Window Films

Orlando Window Films

We all know how essential quality window tinting is for your car, especially here in Florida. Now imagine that same technique applied to the windows inside your home. Let us cut down on glare and UV rays while still letting in natural light and offering an unobstructed view.

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Orlando Draperies

Envision all the colors, patterns and fabric choices you could select from when it comes to the drapes you could have. We can help you create a light and airy look, or use black out curtains to keep your home darker and more temperature controlled. Let us work with you to help create whatever it is you need for the ideal window treatments in your home.

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If you are looking for a Orlando shutter company then please call 321-399-1159 or complete our online request form.