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Can I Pair Plantation Shutters with Curtains?

Plantation shutters are a complete window treatment alone. You can tilt the louvers up and down to control light and privacy. However, many homeowners appreciate curtains for their patterns and style versatility. If you’d also like to add curtains to your windows, you can go ahead. Long curtains and plantation shutters make for a dramatic style statement. Café shutters for e. g. look great when paired with fabric curtains.

Choosing Curtains for Plantation Shutters

When you decide to pair curtains with plantation shutters, there are some points that you need to ponder. Cleaning would take extra time for curtains and it will be costlier too. Plantation shutters should be cleaned gently with a soft damp cloth while for curtains vacuuming them regularly and dry cleaning occasionally is the way to clean them.

Plantation shutters look good with any décor, you need to consider the colors and patterns of the curtains, and they should match the décor.

How to hang curtains over shutters?

You can use your imagination and creativity when pairing shutters and curtains. We share some tried and tested ways so that they look pretty good.

  • Panel curtains – with hanging panels you can change the curtains when you want. Push the curtains away when you want to open the shutters. Sheer curtains would give you a diffusing light effect allowing sunlight to come in but pretty soft and light.
  • Mounting curtains above the window – when you have bigger windows you can install the mechanism over the windows upwards and outwards. It adds visual height to the room.
  • Colors – The reason why homeowners love curtains is the variety of colors, gives you plenty of room for experiment. You can contrast it with the color of the shutter. That will add depth to the décor. Plain curtains with bold prints and patterns can add depth to the room.
  • Tie Backs –  When you want to add that regal to the room, consider adding tiebacks to give a tailored and neat look to the room. It’s a classic trick that brings windows to the focus and makes the place alive.

Why you should add curtains over the shutters?

Curtains and shutters combine well and offer the homeowners many flexible options in terms of style and functionality. You can achieve greater light control with opacity ranging from sheer to blackout.

It’s not just pairing curtains with shutters, but you can add a new dimension to your décor and can enhance the beauty of your windows.