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How to Measure for Roman Shades?

Why is this sun blinding you suddenly? Why this cosy warm feeling is now changed to you feeling quite hot? Why not just reach over that cordless roman shade and once again get drenched in your privacy, Roman shades are highly functional and look immensely beautiful.

When lowered fully, they give a smooth streamlined finished look and when raised they hang in a symmetrical fashion. Well, they look so gorgeous but still many home owners are sceptical going for it? What’s the reason? Well, they do not know how to measure them.

Let us help you with correct measurement guide.

The basics
Get yourself a measuring tape, pencil and paper to take the measurements.
The first – decide whether you want outside mount roman shade or the interior mount ones. In inside mount, the shade will be to the inside of the window frame and well in outside mount, it is going to be the outside moulding. Well, for best coverage and complete privacy, outside mount are preferred. It also makes the window look larger.

To measure for an outside mount shade
Measure the width of the area you want to cover. Go beyond 2” to 3” beyond the window for complete coverage.

To measure for an inside mount shade
Take the exact width of the window opening. A shade of the exact size or a bit smaller is what works perfect for the inside mount. For e.g. if the inside window measurement is 35”, shade which measures exact 34” or 33” would sit perfectly. Kindly take a note that a small amount of light will sneak through the sides.

Well, if you still feel that measuring for the roman shades is not your cup of tea, but you want them installed in your homes, why not opt for professional help? Look for the retailers who would come home and take all the necessary measurements and even install them for free!