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How to Install Plantation Window Shutters?

Interior window shutters are decorative and highly functional. However, you might require a DIY guide or professional help to install them. Well, why going elsewhere when we bring to you a step by step guide to install plantation shutters and decorate your homes.

Plantation shutters works as a great adornment for windows besides controlling the light and ensuring privacy. To begin with, first decide upon the type of shutters i.e. the material you wish to invest in. Traditionally made out of wood, you can today find shutters in MDF and plastics as well. Whatever be your choice, go for prefinished shutters as louvered shutters would consume a lot of time while painting. Normally, shutters come with catches and tie backs for proper hold and release.

Measure accurately
Shutters are usually custom made so it is important that you take the correct measurements to avoid any inconvenience later on. If you are installing shutters for the window recess, make sure that you measure correctly to allow for proper light to come in. Take at least three measurements for both the height and the width and then choose the smallest one.

Decide where you will mount hinges
After you have decided upon the style, choose from frame mounting or hinge mounting. Remember that the frame of the window will require an adequate depth to accommodate for the shutters and also ensure proper light to let in. shutters that bond off neatly against the wall. In the hinge mounting, well the shutter hinges are already attached to the window frame. Just make up your mind, whether you are going to install the plantation shutter within the window recess or over around it.

Start with the frame
The frame would fit into the window recess so as to allow for smooth opening and closing of the shutters. Use the dowels on either side for holding the frame together. Install the frame now.

Hang the shutters
Position the shutters correctly. Insert the pins into the hinges and check for the smooth working of the shutters. If you find any issue, adjust the frame accordingly.

It’s time to paint now. Hurray, your plantation shutters are now fully installed and enhancing the decor of the room.