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Buyer’s Guide: Plantation Shutters

Shutters have been around for many years. Earlier, they were used for protecting the glass windows from animals, intruders, and natural elements. Shutters were born out of necessity; they are even more functional and stylish today.

If you are trying to pick shutters for your home, it is easy to get confused. Every style has its own benefits and look. You need to look for some features and aspects before making a choice.

Function and location

While shutters can be great to offer privacy and light, they can also accentuate the look of the room. Interior shutters are very popular, they are placed on the inside of the window and you can block the light coming in by lowering the louvers.

If you are looking for shutters for decorative purpose, exterior shutters can be a good choice. But they are difficult to clean and manage.

Shutter Material

The most popular shutter material is wood. Wood shutters give a classic look to homes, however, they are expensive. They also demand more upkeep than other materials. Wood shutters come in variety of woods – cedar, maple, basswood, bamboo etc.

You can also look for aluminum shutters, they will require occasional cleaning unlike the wood shutters. The metal is durable and doesn’t chip or fade off under the sun. However, they hold a lot of heat, and can increase your room temperature. Check here https:/ They are not a good choice for Florida homes.

Vinyl shutters provide a balance of durability and style. They do not chip or scratch and also not heat up. They won’t require regular maintenance also.

Shutter Style

Shutters look good in every home, however, matching them with the look of your home décor will improve the look greatly.

If you have a colonial style home, look for solid or paneled shutters. These shutters are made from one piece of wood and have inlays to allow for air and light to pass through.

For Southern style home, you can pick plantation shutters in real wood. These shutters have wide louvers that move up and down and you can control the light. They are inside mounted and great choice for people who want to keep their homes cool. A perfect choice for Orlando homeowners!

Now that you know all about the shutters, you can begin browsing online for your shutters or visit showrooms.